Romania Mid 2021

Children impacted

Read the report about our project in Romania from our Education manager 

Aleksandra Lasic:


“Finally, we were able to carry out a regular project with volunteers again in 2021.The original planning had already started at the beginning of 2020, shortly before the pandemic threw everything into disarray. One and a half years later
we were finally able to open the 7th WeTomorrow library in Romania for the over one hundred children in the town of Gura Humorului.


The library was equipped with internet, eight laptops and hundreds of books. For five days, local and international volunteers worked tirelessly to arrange desks and shelves for the library. The reading area was designed as a cozy castle, and a colorful mural in the rooms of the social center was estabilshed.


In addition, three teams gave English and computer lessons, and conducted exciting scientific experiments, art and creative courses with the children. The program was rounded off with a day full of sports and games and activities for the environment.

We can say with confidence that the volunteers from WeTomorrow and our Romanian partner organization had formative experiences. We welcomed several new Romanian volunteers who have signed up for our regular WeTomorrow online English classes.


We are happy that we can inspire more and more volunteers for our cause.WeTomorrow will continue to expand its reach to children around the globe, to inspire children through the great examples of our WeTomorrow volunteers whose fulfillment lies in bringing joy to others.”



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