Our partners support us on our journey to achieve our mission. Through joint fundraising campaigns, media appearances and immersive experiences for employees, entire projects can be realised.

"Change children's lives worldwide."

Stronger together

For the past two years, we have been working with the Labdoo Foundation to equip our libraries around the globe with laptops and tablets. Businesses and individuals can return unwanted equipment to Labdoo and contribute positively to the circular economy.

The laptops and tablets are equipped with open source software and educational programmes that are tailored to the needs of the children. Through our volunteers, the laptops reach the far corners of the world where they are most needed.



Interested in getting your brand involved?

Our most successful partnerships span a multi-year life cycle and involve a number of different tactics. Here are a handful of ways your brand can partner with WeTomorrow:


Contribute to education projects, operations, or the tools that make our work possible.

Corporate gift
Build a library together


Rally your employees and customers to fundraise and help spread the word.

Join a project
Employee fundraising
Give online English lessons


Help shine a bigger spotlight on the education crisis and the impact of our work.

Social Media Appearance
Event sponsoring
Hire a speaker

Sponsors & Partners

Who we work with

Together, we can do great things. We have been working according to this maxim since day 1 and are constantly striving for new partnerships. We would like to thank all those who support us on this path.

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