Let us introduce Ourselves

WeTomorrow started as a few friends who went overseas to give English education in Mongolia and grew into an organisation run by volunteers all over the world that strive to invest their time for children without access to education and thereby create a community of like-minded people that amplifies their power to do good.


On this journey, we have established educational facilities in several countries and give weekly English and computer classes to hundreds of children and impacted over thousands of children with educational opportunities.

"Be curious, courageous and compassionate for a brighter tomorrow."


Ann Wilson

Ann has 10 years of experience in social development in developing countries, and she is passionate about people finding their inner strength and belief in themselves. She’s lived in 5 countries, loves traveling, spicy food and furry animals.

“There is nothing better than witnessing someone realizing that they CAN do it or that they ARE worthy.”



Elias-Maria Spari

Volunteer Representative

Pascal Dörflinger

Vice Representative

Aleksandra Lazic


Mona-Julie Ortel


Joan-Amadeus Spari


Alexander Winter


"Together we can change Lives"



Our mission is to give every disadvantaged children access to English and computer education.

At WeTomorrow we strive to give every child the opportunity to acquire English and computer skills, thereby gain hope and take their fate back into their own hands.


How you can support us

English Education

Every Saturday, our volunteers give online English lessons from home to children from different regions of the world, opening up new perspectives for them.

Cultural Exchange

Every year we organize several projects in places where education is most needed. We build libraries, teach classes and immerse ourselves in a new culture.

Work Experience

At WeTomorrow, a lot of work is contributed by our Volunteer Club, giving you the opportunity to make a long-term impact on our Foundation and help us achieve our mission.

Building Libraries

Strong partners such as NPOs, companies or private individuals help are an important part of shaping our projects. We are constantly looking to expand our network.